How it Works

Closed community

When a friend tells me about „we earth“ and I like their vision and I decide to become a member through there referral and see how my 5€ motivate my friend, monetarily or intrinsically (waiver of basic climate income) to win others over to the cause.


Our goal is to give members an incentive to talk about our vision. As soon as a member has brought three more to the club, it is a zero-sum game for him, each additional gives him a little financial freedom to spin out other solutions and approaches. This means that if someone is a member and only brings three more to the association, they donate a value of 30€/month, which goes directly into the projects. But he doesn’t pay anything. If at the end of the month the member decides to give up their basic climate income, all the better, because then €45 will flow into the projects.


The question we faced was, „How can we fund 1,000,000,000,000 trees in eight years?“ To achieve that goal in the time that’s left, we’ll have to bring out other guns. NGOs have been recruiting members for over 50 years, they solve it with their own internal solutions or hire external service providers for it. All of this costs a lot of time and money. It doesn’t take a big organization to build a platform for it, it needs a slim, scalable & transparent solution. It needs people who talk about their future and look for solutions. That’s why we try the untried and try to give our members the opportunity to support their community with 100% transparency.

All about you

The hard-working have the opportunity to passively earn a maximum basic income of €1,500/month. Without selling anything and thus having to emit. We believe that when someone works for our planet, they should be rewarded for it. He is the one who can think about the financial leeway in order to be able to tackle and solve the other house challenges of our time.