We use your membership fee responsibly and effectively to develop the greatest possible impact.

Half of your membership fee goes directly to funding climate protection projects. The other half goes in part to the person who invited you to our community. With the rest, we finance our platform and our work so that the we earth community can continue to grow and fully develop its positive influence.


Monthly Membership Fee: 15€

If your friend told you about our community the membership is split into:

Exactly half of your membership fee, namely 7.50€, goes towards climate projects. We will inform you regularly about our projects and their projects.

We introduce our partner organisations to you in more detail on our project page.

Basic Climate Income is what we call the amount members receive for successfully inviting their friends.

For every person you convince, you will permanently receive 5€ per month.

In this way, every member has an incentive to bring 3 friends into the community in order to offset their own membership fee.

Fun Fact: The more friends you convince of our vision, the greater your positive climate impact will be, even if you no longer have any financial expenses yourself.

For the administration and further development of the association, various costs are incurred. In the interest of all members, we want to further develop the platform and the technical processing, so that nothing stands in the way of a rapid expansion of our community and our impact.

Therefore, 2,50€ will be used for the maintenance of the association. If you signup directly you support the association with 7,5€ pro month.

Payment Process

Use of previous month's budget