The question we faced was, “How can we fund 1,000,000,000 trees in eight years?” To achieve this goal in the time remaining, we must use innovative and previously untried methods. NGOs have been recruiting members for over 50 years, managing this with internal solutions or hiring external service providers. All of this costs a lot of time and money. It doesn’t take a large organization to build a donation platform. It takes a lean, scalable and transparent solution. It takes people talking about their future and looking for solutions.

When these people talk about our project with their friends, the community can grow very successfully. No people we trust nearly as much as our friends, their recommendations and invitations are important to us. Additional advantage: we do not need any marketing, because people convince their environment themselves. This gives us as an organization more time and resources to work with our community for a good future.

Why does 5€ go to the person who brought me into the association and not to the projects?

It is not about how much each individual is willing to donate. Our goal is to give members an incentive to talk about our vision.We believe that people who work for our common future should be rewarded for it.