Climate protection projects and initiatives need to be funded faster, much faster.

That’s why we support important initiatives and organizations with the power of a steadily growing community.

We do not limit ourselves to individual sectors or industries, because accelerating climate protection is urgently needed at all levels. We want to support societies where our members consider it most important.

Our impact so far:

Support: 1.113€

Area: Reforestation


The Wald4Leben team consists of Lukas, Bernhard and Michael. They cultivate bare wall areas in the Austrian Waldviertel with mixed forests. Supported by GPS tagging of the trees, their progress can be well tracked. Drones are used to inspect the forest areas, thus the use of tractors can be reduced.
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Support: $1,312

Area: Reforestation

One Tree Planted

OneTreePlanted has over 286 reforestation partners and has already reforested more than 40 million trees worldwide. The company's promise is to plant one tree for one dollar. Through their expertise and transparency, made possible thanks to GPS data, we can be globally active and plant trees where it is seasonally most appropriate.
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Support: 611,00€

Area: politics, citizen participation


The NGO wants to make Germany climate neutral by 2035. To achieve this, they are pursuing several approaches: With a legislative package for the government that is compatible with the Paris Climate Agreement. At the local level, local teams in 80 cities and communities are holding citizen referendums and policy talks. Already 27 cities and municipalities have agreed to the demands and are bringing their municipality to climate neutrality by 2035 at the latest.
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Our next project? You decide:

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