Community is Key

Our association thrives on spreading the word and growing our community. If you have a primary interest in donating, visit our partners and support them directly. We are looking for people for our community who are willing to talk about our vision. It is not our website that should convince you, but one of our many members. Besides, it is much nicer to do good together with friends.

This is how you receive an invitation:

After the end of our crowdfunding phase, we will switch the registration to Inivte-only, joining will then only be possible by invitation of an existing member. Don’t know anyone who is already a member? No problem: go to our Instagram page, there we present many of our members, whom you can write to directly and ask for a link! In this way, we promote an intercultural basis for conversation and encourage direct exchange about us. For members, this means: You don’t necessarily have to convince people from your immediate surroundings, but can talk to people from all over the world about this important topic.