We human have to start working with nature so that we can live together

How it works

Your influence as an individual

Donating silently is laudable – but the impact is low and the costs high in the long run. You have much more impact if you trigger a wave of support for climate protection. At we earth we reward exactly that. Your monthly membership fee of 15€ drops permanently to 0€ if you successfully invite three more people to join us. You don’t have to pay any contribution anymore, because by spreading the word about climate protection you multiply our donation volume. The support for climate projects increases exponentially in the long run with our approach – just like your impact in the fight against the climate crisis.

3 steps to free climate protection with impact


Register yourself

Become part of we earth – for an initial membership fee of 15€/month. With the contributions we finance climate projects, which you can vote on every month via a poll.


Invite friends

Spread your invitation link to many people – because we need them all as supporters for faster climate protection. For each successfully invited person your contribution will permanently decrease by 5€.


Free climate protection + increased impact

Three registered friends mean for you: Free climate protection. At the same time, your impact as a climate saver increases exponentially – because your friends and their friends do the same…

Our community

The members of we earth are people like you and me: young and old, craftsman and professor, student and CEO. They are all united by the will to tackle the climate crisis together. But they are much more than an anonymous donation group, they are a networked community that exchanges ideas and supports each other via social media and our wearth chat group. This is how new friendships and collaborations are formed – the best prerequisites for mastering this human task.

The reward system

Every person should be able to be part of the climate solution, regardless of their financial means. That is why we have introduced a reward system for the most important activity: Talking to fellow human beings about climate protection. For each convinced person, the own monthly donation contribution is permanently reduced by 5€, if desired, so that with three convinced friends, the membership continues without additional costs. For the first time, the personal climate impact no longer depends on the size of the wallet, but on the commitment to talk about the challenge and our solution with his environment.

The network effect

We earth is basically a donation platform, but adapted to the speed of the climate crisis. Through our reward system, we give all members an incentive to make 3 friends for the community. Because for a good future we need a lot of people, a lot. This way we can grow exponentially as a community, raising immense funds to finance climate projects in a very short time. As individuals, we may be powerless in the face of the crisis – as a networked global community, we are unstoppable.