The world’s first single-level network platform of the association we earth – together against the climate crisis with the goal of building a global independent community that supports various climate protection measures. The association is a donation club, so to speak, and the community decides collectively what happens with the money. In the future there will be a wide range of projects. Members can also get involved in the association themselves and work together. In the future, the wearth.community will also be developed as an open source platform. Where the journey goes will be decided by the success of the concept.

We do without marketing and use the power of the network. In the membership fee of 15€/month are 5€ climate round income budget or we call it also motivation contribution. Our members get 5€ per month for every new friend they bring to our community. They decide at the end of each month if they want to pay out their basic climate income for this effort or if they want to invest it back into the projects. The basic climate income is capped at a maximum of 1.500€ per month. We want to support the committed to continue to work for our global community to achieve our goals together.

A global problem needs a global solution. Only with combined forces we can achieve a lot in the still short time window. Our society must be actively committed to social change.

People around the world who are aware of the climate crisis form an international community of change. They set the course for politics, because until today it reacted more reactive instead of finally becoming active. Our community is taking action and making demands and acting as a collective. We are repositioning our values and putting our focus on personal self-realization with nature and saying goodbye to profit maximizing capitalism and trying out different model like. From circular economy to back to regional production. First countries introduce a basic income and people have more time for their education, health, family and friends. In short, we want to do everything we can to wake up humanity and get them to do everything they can to keep our climate from warming up more than 1.5 degrees. We know what kind of world humanity will have to adjust to if we don’t make it. We want to look hopefully into a peaceful future in which mankind and nature live in harmony.

The projects, platform and community are mainly financed by the membership fees of each individual. It is possible to cancel at any time and to join again and again. we earth is not about getting a lot of money from individuals. The goal is to make climate protection affordable for everyone and to encourage those who want to earn money through the concept to take a closer look at our situation. We as consumers and voters decide what happens to us. Individual donations to the association are possible to build up the platform faster. Donations to our project partners can be made directly through you.

Our first project is the co-financing of the TrillionTreeCampaign (1t.org) of the World Economic Forum. Our funding partners are established large and small organizations worldwide. We make use of the usual partners in the market and access a large trustworthy as well as a regional smaller partner at the beginning. After a successful project start we build up an internal as well as external climate team, which only takes care of this topic. We are already in talks with universities and research institutes.

Transparency is our key to success! We disclose our figures every month. Our goal is that our community can see 24/7 what happened to our money. In the future, we are considering the technical implementation of a blockchain so that we can serve our partners through smart contracts, tranche by tranche. This will greatly ease the administrative burden.

You don’t have to marry us 😉 You can come and go when you want.

No matter where you live, income is usually taxable. Depending on your other activity this has to be treated differently. We are not allowed to give you exact information about this for legal reasons and ask you to discuss it with your tax advisor.





We have to minimize our CO² emissions by 80% in the next few years. We will never manage to live completely without emissions, so we have to compensate. Thereby we help nature. The tree is not the climate solution but it is a tool that can be scaled quickly and is within reach of most people. Therefore, the tree is our first “product”. We ourselves do not plant trees at the beginning but act as a donation club that uses the power of the network. We are the first single level network marketing worldwide.

The monthly payment is 15€

→ 7,5€ climate protection projects

→ 2,5€ we earth

→ 5€ climate round income, motivational contribution or marketing call it what you want.


The wearth.community is a single-level network marketing platform. You can only profit from the people you have personally told about us. Often multi-level marketing systems are compared to a pyramid scheme because they have the same way of working. We all work with the power of exponential growth. Only legal and according to us Necessary in the fight for humanity.

If our story has motivated you to donate directly to our partners, then we are very happy! We are not just about collecting money and passing it on, but we are aware of the importance of creating a global movement and mobilizing people to unite around the issue. Because only then, we can have a huge impact.

Our partners provide us with GPS data, pictures and data with which we can check if something really happened with the money. These are publicly available on our website as well as on the website of our partners.

Anyone who is over 18 years old.