we earth – together against climate crisis e.V.
Scheugasse 22/2/27
1100 Vienna


Board of Directors:

Jan Verdaasdonk, Konstantin Pfoser, Florian Schweitzer


We have founded an association, because we think that there must be a superior authority, which is not oriented to profit but to the fulfillment of the purpose. Our goal is to support, promote and build up climate protection measures. We have consciously decided against becoming a commercial ompany, because we are of the opinion that the commitment to our planet and its inhabitants has nothing to do with investment and return. We want to protect ourselves from investor interest and secure our purpose. The association sees itself as a global independent donation platform. Each of our members participates with an equal monthly share. The voice of each member is weighted with their commitment to our purpose. We build the platform, which the association sets up, as open source. So that in the future the whole world can actively participate in the further development.