Our Vision

A global crisis needs a global solution

We have the vision of a livable and climate-neutral world, which was made possible by the unification and networking of a global civil society. Every individual has the opportunity to be part of the climate solution, regardless of their social background.

The Community

We are all concerned about the climate situation and the fact that governments and companies are not aware of the urgency and only act slowly. That’s why we don’t want to wait any longer, but rather use the power of a global community to finance urgently needed climate protection measures as quickly as possible. As individuals, we often feel powerless and insignificant when it comes to big problems like the climate crisis. But united as a global community on one platform, we have an impact that goes far beyond the influence of companies or governments. With we earth, it becomes possible: everyone can act, talk about the biggest problem of our time and convince those around them. By doing so, every individual can bring the world one big step closer to a livable and climate-neutral future.

Our mission

With our platform, we aim to build a global, self-spreading community that enables the funding of massive climate change goals, thereby accelerating sustainable projects at an unprecedented speed. At the same time, through our platform’s rewards system, we can pay participants a basic climate income, enabling active climate action in a socially just way, independent of financial capacity. Big impact doesn’t require a big wallet, but a committed voice talking about climate action.


Your membership fee will be used responsibly and effectively to develop the greatest possible impact. Half of the contribution goes directly to the financing of climate protection projects. The other half goes partly to the person who invited you to our community. With the rest we finance our platform and our work so that the we earth community can continue to grow and fully develop its positive impact.

Our Team

Jan Verdaasdonk


Florian Schweitzer

Executive Board, Law & Finance

Konstantin Pfoser

Executive Board & Communications

Angela Hamm