Unsere Vision

Eine globale Krise braucht eine globale Lösung.

Wir haben die Vision einer lebenswerten und klimaneutralen Welt, die durch den Zusammenschluss einer weltweiten Gemeinschaft ermöglicht wurde. Gleichzeitig hat jeder Mensch die Chance, an diesem Fortschritt teilzuhaben und durch unser Klimagrundeinkommen finanziell zu profitieren, um sich voll und ganz auf sein Engagement konzentrieren zu können.


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Our Community

We are all afraid about the climate situation and the fact that governments and businesses aren’t aware about the urgency. Revolution starts from the bottom. It’s starts with us. The people. We all need to take action and we all need to do it NOW. We are building a UNION, free of origin and beliefs. Everybody can act while talking about the biggest problem of our time.

One trillion trees by 2030.

Fundraise the money for this goal in that amount of time with common solutions, is not possible. Therefore, we created we earth. We are making every member to a believer, convincer, future fighter. we are building a community of change and We need everyone who believes that when we stand together – we can tackle everything.

Our mission

With our platform, we aim to build a global, self-propagating community that enables the funding of massive climate action goals, accelerating sustainable projects at unprecedented speed. At the same time, through our platform’s reward system, we can enable participants to earn a basic climate income, thereby providing people with active climate action completely free of charge!


Who we are

We offer a portfolio of carbon removal options, including tree-planting, biochar, enhanced weathering, bio-oil sequestration, and direct air capture. Our climate team is constantly sourcing the next promising method. Our experts guide you through the various carbon removal options and explain their pros and cons. We then construct a portfolio of carbon removal offsets to meet your budget. “we earth”s mission is to scale carbon removal. 


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